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Stage 2 Studios Fundraiser

A graphical insert system for a good cause.

The Problem

John from Stage 2 Studios came to us with a problem. Their design team made some incredible graphics for an upcoming fundraiser they where producing. But they weren't sure how to integrate their graphics with all the donations coming. They required some way to easily control and input data whilst live. That's where we came in.

Our Solution

We integrated their graphics into a NodeCG broadcast package. We digested their graphics into small parts and coded them into a single web graphic that they could import into their composition software, which was Open Broadcasting Software (OBS).

Donation Goal

One of the graphics that had to be implemented was a donation goal. Stage 2 Studios already had their designs ready, they just needed a simple way to let their producers control the graphic live. We created a simple dashboard allowing them to change the total donated amount and let them choose between the 2 animations they requested.

Donation Alerts

Another graphic required was a way to show bigger donations coming through. Stage 2 Studios delivered a handful of animals they wanted to showcase on these alerts and requested us to randomize them on each donation.

We created a similar dashboard panel to the Goal Graphic so the operators can easily use it. Our controls allow the operators to quickly fill-in and display incoming alerts on the screen. Using some nifty web animations we were able to make the alert as dynamic as possible.


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