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Gameshow Insert System

An exploratory case study displaying a highly custom project.

Displaying Our Capabilities

This project was created to display some more of our capabilities. We've created a simple to use insert system that allows production to prefill question lists, make changes on the fly and fully control a live-rendered graphic that displays the current question, answers and correct answers.


Besides the production team a project like this also requires a dashboard for participants to easily fill in their answers. Our system is entirely web-based making it fairly easy to integrate such a requirement. We've developed a simple web page that can be loaded on any kind of device for the participants to see the questions/answers and fill in their answer. (We haven't taken our time to make the dashboard look nice, but if requested by a client we'd of course make it more user friendly!)

Participant View

The Logistics

A project like this requires quite some logistics to be used in a real life setting. Think about the production team controlling the graphics, the host reading the questions, participants filling in questions etc. So to make sure it all runs as expected we would have taken our time to write out a step by step plan on how to run/use the software made.

Data Flow Diagram

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