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Football Insert System

An exploratory project showing some of our capabilities


This project is meant to display our capabilities. We didn't create these graphics for a client, we made it in our free time. As of writing this paragraph we haven't had the most clients that allowed us to openly share the work we've done. So see this as a way for us to display what we're capable of doing.

What we made

The most essential graphic for a football match is the scoreboard. The scoreboard has 3 basic capabilities it needs to perform. These exist of telling the match time, displaying the score and show any stoppage at the end of a section. (Stoppage is the additional 2-3 minutes at the end of a half)

Displaying all this data in a minimal form factor is not that easy. We've taken inspiration from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and created a simplified version of it, and implemented it with a dashboard for a producer to operate. Below is a video showing how simple it would be to operate this graphic in a live broadcast situation.


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